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Terms of Service terms of Use
  • Terms of Service terms of Use
  • Terms of Paid Service of Use
Chapter 1 General Provisions
  • Article 1 Purpose
    • These Terms & Conditions are aimed to set forth the service usage conditions and procedures between the Company and customers (or members), rights, obligations and responsibilities between the Company and the members, and other necessary matters in relation to the services (mean all services that the Company provides to be make available through various digital devices such as PC, mobile multimedia of customers or members, or programs) that GlobePoint Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") provides.
  • Article 2 Effects and Changes of Terms & Conditions
    • ① These Terms & Conditions shall be released by being published on all the Internet services provided by the Company. The "Company" may change these terms and conditions within a range that does not violate "Law Relating to the Regulation of Terms and Conditions", "Law on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection, etc.", and others, and the Company, if the terms and conditions are changed, shall determine the content and effective date of the terms and conditions, and shall give the notice for a considerable period of time since at least 14 days ago (30 days ago if there is a significant change to be disadvantageous to the user) from the effective date, and for existing users, shall send the revised terms and conditions, effective date and reasons for change (including a description of the important details of the content subject to change) to their e-mail address. The revised terms and conditions will take effect from the effective date of a notice or disclosure.
    • ② The user has the right to not accept the changed terms and conditions, and if does not express any intention to refuse the changed terms and conditions within 10 days (or 30 days in the case of a disadvantage to the user or significant changes) from the effective date, it will be considered for the user to have agreed the changed terms and conditions.
    • ③ If the content defined in the Terms & Conditions conflicts with the provisions set out in the individual terms and conditions of service, the provisions of the individual terms and conditions of service will prevail.
  • Article 3 Application of Terms & Conditions
    • For the provisions not specified in these Terms & Conditions, additional detailed terms and conditions, commercial practices, notice of the Company, guidance, shall follow relevant laws and regulations.
Chapter 2 Conclusion of the Agreement
  • Article 4 Classification of Service
    • ① The "services" provided by the "Company" to customers are separated by free services, paid services, etc.
    • ② The type and method of free service and paid services shall be subject to these terms and conditions and notice or guideline as prescribed by the "Company".
    • ③ The rating of services shall be subject to the rating information displayed on the initial screen of the content, and the "Company" can restrict the use of services for the customer to comply with the rating and age in accordance with "Juvenile Protection Act", etc.
  • Article 5 Conclusion of the Agreement
    • ① The Agreement will come into force after the "Company" accepts the application for the use of customers.
    • ② The Agreement is entered into by ID unit.
    • ③ The agreements on the use of a special "service" such as mass use of a "service" shall be made separately.
    • ④ The minimum technical specifications for using the service of members shall follow the recommended information posted on the website.
  • Article 6 Application for Use
    • ① The customers (hereinafter referred to as "Application Customer") who want to use of "Service" shall apply for the use of service by filling in the prescribed application form required by "Company" in a manner of Internet access, etc.
    • ② The "Company" must notice the main contents of the terms and conditions to "Application Customer".
    • ③ If "Application Customer" checks checkbox at the bottom of the notice in the preceding paragraph and applies for the use, "Application Customer" shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
    • ④ "Application Customer" shall use its real name.
    • ⑤ The "Application Customer" who wants to be a member can use the service through the identification method provided by the company, and users not registered in their name, can not claim any rights.
    • ⑥ All theft ID information (email, phone ahyipin and information, etc.) shall be removed.
    • ⑦ If The "Application Customer" who is under the age of 14, or a quasi-incompetent, he or she can apply for the use with the consent of the legal representative (parents, etc.).
    • ⑧ In the case of the preceding paragraph, the "Application Customer" shall apply for the use by accompanying a consent form.
  • Article 7 Acceptance of application for the use
    • ① The "Company" will, in principle, accept the application for use without delay if there is no technical obstacle in performing the work for the application for the use in accordance with the provisions of preceding article.
    • ② The "Company", when accepting the application for use, shall fill in the following items through the "Service" or notify them to customers by methods such as e-mail, etc.
      1. ID
      2. Information regarding protection of rights and interests of the customer and the obligations
      3. Any other information that the customer should know when using "Service"
  • Article 8 Nonagreement and withholding approval of the application for use
    • ① The "Company" may not consent the application for use in case of the following.
      1. In the case of application under another person's name or non-real name
      2. In the case of application for the use of the ID of the display to inhibit the identity or existing public policy
      3. In the case of the false application or false documents attached
      4. In the case that "Application Customer" does not pay such fees to be paid to the Company,
      5. If the approval of application for the use is difficult due to reasons attributable to the "Application Customer"
    • ② The "Company" can, if there is a reason for any of the following cases, withhold consent until the reason is eliminated.
      1. If the Company doesn't have extra facilities
      2. If there is a failure in the "Service"
    • ③ The "Company" can withhold consent for the application without the consent of a legal representative (parents, etc.) if "Application Customer" is a person under the age of 14 or a quasi-incompetent person .
  • Article 9 The grant of ID, etc.
    • ① The "Company" will in principle give "Application Customer" the ID as per request.
    • ② ID should in principle not be changed.
    • ③ If ID has something to do with the following cases, the "Company" may stop providing the "Service" for the customer, and may recommend that the application be used as a new ID.
      1. If there is a risk of privacy because ID is registered as a the customer's telephone number or social security number,
      2. If ID gives aversion to others or undermines the public order and morals
      3. If there are reasonable grounds for the protection of other Customers
  • Article 10 The opening date of service
    • The opening date of "Service" is the approval date of the application for use.
Chapter 3 Obligations of the Contracting Parties
  • Article 11 Obligations of of the Company
    • ① The "Company", if deems feedback or complaint raised by the Customer to be justified, shall treat it immediately. However, if immediate treatment is difficult, the Company must notify the Customer about the reasons and schedules by using e-mail, etc.
    • ② In order to provide continual and reliable "Service", the "Company" will repair or restore it without delay if there is a failure or loss of facilities, and can stop all or part of the provision of services without prior notice in the event of unavoidable reason in any of following cases. In this case, the Company will notify the user about the reasons and down time without delay.
      1. In the case of the inevitably urgent maintenance, expansion, replacement of the system, or construction of facilities
      2. When determined that companies need for replacement of the new service system
      3. If the normal service is impossible due to failures of the system or other service equipment, failures of wired and
          wireless network, etc.
      4. In the case of force majeure reasons such as natural disasters, national emergencies, power outages, etc. not
          controlled by the Company
    • ③ The "Company" strives to provide customers with the convenience for the procedures and contents of the Agreement with customers, including conclusion of the Agreement change and termination of the Agreement, etc.
    • ④ The Company will post representative's name, company name, address, telephone number, facsimile number (FAX), corporate registration number, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, game ratings on the initial screen of the online services to allow members to easily find out.
  • Article 12 Privacy
    • The "Company" will respect the privacy of its users, and comply with Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Privacy Act, Telecommunications Business Act and other relevant laws and regulations. The "Company" will notify that the personal information provided by the customer has been used for any purpose and method and any action is taken in order to protect the privacy.
  • Article 13 Customer's Obligations
    • ① The Customer will fill in the application based on the fact if it applies through subscription to the membership. If the member registered the false or someone else's information, it can not claim any rights against the Company, and the Company shall not be responsible for any damages arising therefrom.
    • ② The Customer shall adhere to provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and other rules and regulations released by the Company. In addition, members should not act to interfere in the work of the Company and damage the reputation of the Company.
    • ③ Members must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, such as Juvenile Protection Act. In case of violation, members will be punished in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
    • ④ If there are changes to the Agreement such as address, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., members must modify them on online immediately. The liability arising from not modified or delays shall be borne by members.
    • ⑤ Members must administer ID and password given to members directly. Problems caused by negligence of the members can not be held responsible in the Company.
    • ⑥ When members select ID, nickname, a name used in the other services, the contents in each of the following should not to be used.
      1. When impersonating the official operator of the Company's services or causing confusion to other Customers by
          using a similar name
      2. Use of the names including sensational and obscene content
      3. Use of names which are likely to infringe the rights of a third party's trade marks, copyright, etc.
      4. Use of names including content to be judged as obscenity, slang or anti-social and against related laws
    • ⑦ Members can't sell permission to use the service, bestow the contractual status and provide the intangible assets as collateral to others without the express consent of the Company.
    • ⑧ Customers should not use the services provided by the company for a game or for purposes other than its original purpose of use. Customers should not engage in the conduct under subparagraphs, and if Customers fail to do so, the Company can restrict the use of service by the Customer or take a legal action including deletion of ID, prosecution action of law enforcement agencies.
      1. The act of filling in false information when signing up for membership or changing personal information
      2. Theft or fraud of someone else's personal information
      3. Sale of cyber assets, including the identity of members to other people
      3. Sale of cyber assets, including the identity of members to other people
      5. Change of the Company's client programs, or act of hacking the Company's servers
      6. The act of exploiting a bug in the company program
      7. The act of operating activities using the service without the Company's prior consent
      8. The act of harassing or threatening other Customers, or causing pain, damage or inconvenience
      9. The act of changing the client program for each service without being approved by the Company or act of hacking
          the server, or changing the part of the website, or developing for these purposes, using a program that is spread or
          encouraging or advertising its use
      10. The act of randomly changing or deleting posts of the Company or posts of third parties in part or whole
      11. The act of collecting or storing the personal information of other members without the approval of the Company
      12. The act of using, distributing or encouraging software or hardware involved in unauthorized access to the contents
            of the game within the service utilizing software or hardware without the Company's permission
      13. Any act of changing the method of the service program, planning intention provided by the Company, abnormally
            harming the service, or any act of interfering intentionally
      14. The act of replicating information obtained through the service for purposes other than the services without prior
            approval of the Company, the act of using it for publishing and broadcasting, or providing to a third party
      15. The act of using the service for illegal purposes including transferring, posting, disseminating in e-mail or other
            method the information, sentence, shape, sound, video, or pirated software of vulgar or obscene content in
            violation of public order and morals
      16. Any act of violating the rules and regulations or the terms and conditions set by the Company, including these
            Terms and Conditions and violating other related laws
  • Article 14 Disposal of posts and contents upon the death of a user
    • ① If the Customer doesn't express any other intention at the time of a user's death, all content held at VRWARE and KOSWARE account shall be attributed to the Company, and in case of the content containing personal information of customers, the Customer will dispose of in accordance with Privacy provisions in relevant laws including 「Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act」.
    • ② The Customer can select inheritable content during the period of the service [via e-mail to the Service Manager] for the Company at the time of its deaths, and if the Customer would like to transfer the content, it can apply transfer by describing the personal information of an assignee who will get transfer.
    • ③ The Company, if the user specified a content processing method, shall process the content upon the death of the user, depending on the processing method.
Chapter 4 Limit and Suspension of Services
  • Article 15 Restrictions of Services
    • ① The "Company", if there are unavoidable reasons including wartime, incidents, natural disasters or equivalent emergency occurs or causes concern and key telecommunications business operators stop telecommunication services, etc., can limit or stop all or part of services.
    • ② Free services, despite the provisions of the preceding paragraph, can be limited or stopped in part or all for reasons such as management policy of the "Company", and can be switched to paid services.
    • ③ The "Company", when restricting or stopping the use of services, or switching free services to paid services, shall inform the Customer about the reasons and limited period of time, estimated date without delay.
    • ④ The Company, if the user does not have a history of use of the service for one consecutive year from the last date used, may permanently delete member information in accordance with the provisions of the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection". However, if the user has goods for paid service, the goods are excluded from deletion list, and if it needs to be preserved in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the Company will keep the member information for the period of time specified in relevant laws and regulations.
  • Article 16 Suspension of Service, restrictions of use, etc.
    • ① The "Company", if a user does not pay fees of paid services for more than one month from the date specified, can suspend all or part of the Service.
    • ② The "Company", if the customer has any of the following subparagraphs, can restrict all or part of the Service.
      1. If the Customer does not fulfill each obligation in paragraph 3, paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of Article 13
      2. If the Customer prevents the stable operation of the service by sending a large amount of information
      3. If the Customer continues to send e-mail, advertising information contrary to the intention of the recipient
      4. If the Customer spreads a computer virus program that causes a malfunction of information communication
          equipment or destruction of information
      5. A violation of third party intellectual property rights
      6. If the Korea Communications Standards Commission requires to limit use
      7. Illegal campaigning on the authoritative interpretation of the Election Commission
      8. If the identity of another customer is used fraudulently
      9. In case of a violation of telecommunications-related legislation
    • ③ If the Company restricts the use of Customers pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, specific standards including the type and duration of such restrictions shall be subject to the requirements as prescribed separately in the notice of "Company", instructions, etc.
  • Article 17 Restrictions of Use, and Cancellation Procedures
    • ① The "Company", if wishes to limit the use pursuant to Article 15, will determine the reasons, date and duration and notify the customer or agent by phone or e-mail 7 days prior to the restrictions of use. However, in case of emergency, it will be exceptional.
    • ② The customer or agent who receives notice about suspension of use in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph may appeal if there is objection against the notice of the suspension.
    • ③ The "Company", if the reason for blackout is identified during the period of the suspension has been eliminated, will release the measures for the blackout immediately.
    • ④ The "Company" will extend the period for use as long as the user has stopped the use of paid service if it is proven that there has been there has been no deliberation or negligence in wrongful act of the user.
  • Article 18 Termination, revocation and cancellation of services
    • ① When members want to terminate the Agreement, they can request the termination of the Agreement by applying cancellation of a member on the website at any time. However, within a certain time after newly subscribing to a member, the withdrawal may be limited immediately by reason of such to prevent unauthorized use of "Service".
    • ② The company can terminate the Agreement by sending notices to members in advance by a reason of abnormal or improper use if members violate the obligations of membership set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
    • ③ The Company will provide the following method as a means of termination in addition to the method used when signing the Agreement for members to terminate the Agreement smoothly.
      - Customer Center (Tel): +82-31-911-0601
      - Customer Center (Fax): +82-31-922-0602
    • ④ The Company will respond to the fact, without delay after receiving an intention of the customer's cancellation and termination of subscription. The reply will be made by one of the methods used in the customer's notices, but if contact number in the customer's notices does not exist, the Company may not reply.
    • ⑤ Customers that use paid services can cancel the subscription in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and for more information on this, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Paid Service.
Chapter 5 Compensation for Damages
  • Article 19 Compensation for Damages
    • ① The "Company" shall not indemnify for damages, interruption caused by a failure of the free service, deletion, loss or change of stored data. However, the ones caused by intentional or gross negligence of the Company are excluded.
    • ② The "Company", if does not provide service to the members due to reasons attributable to the "Company", will compensate to paid service users according to consumer dispute resolution criteria announced by Fair Trade Commission.
    • ③ The "Company" will compensate for damages of the user incurred by defects of the "content", suspension of services or failures, etc.
    • ④ The methods and procedures of damages in accordance with paragraph 3 shall be handled according to the "Content User Protection Directive", and other methods and procedures of the compensation shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Article 20 Disclaimer
    • ① The "Company" will not be responsible for the customer's having failed to obtain the benefits expected from "services" provided by the "Company".
    • ② The "Company" will not be responsible for damages of the customer caused by the data published or transmitted by third parties.
    • ③ The "Company" will not be obliged to intervene in the dispute arising from the "Service" between inter customers or between customers and third parties, and will not be responsible for compensating damages thereof.
Chapter 6 Supplementary Rules
  • Article 21 Storage of Data
    • The "Company" can determine certain posting deadlines and capacity as set forth in the notice of the Company and the service guidance for the information and data provided by the Customer.
  • Article 22 The management of public posts, etc.
    • ① The "Company" can take the necessary measures such as deleting, moving, refusing registration of public posts and data available for the following subparagraphs for a healthy culture of communication and efficient service operations. In this case, the Company does not bear any responsibility for deletion of posts and data, etc.
      1. As the posts and materials estimated to be associated with acts that infringe upon the legal interests of others, the posts and materials that the interested parties may request to delete or provide reasons the Company can be accused and charged
      2. 2. The posts and materials, including viruses and the like that may harm services
      3. 3. Posts and materials exceeding the posting deadline and capacity limit as specified in Article 19 (in this case, the Company may provide the customer in advance with information on deletion, move, etc.)
      4. The posts and materials that result in a significant obstacle to the use of services of the other customers
      5. The posts and materials that national authorities may request to delete in accordance with applicable laws of
          telecommunications and criminal laws and regulations
    • ② The "Company", if requested to stop publication from a third party on grounds of defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, may suspend posting temporarily (interruption of transmission).
    • ③ When posting is temporarily suspended, the member that has registered posts may request the Company to re-publish (resume transfer), but if the member does not request re-posing within 30 days from the date posing stopped, the Company can delete it.
  • Article 23 Delivery of information and publication of advertising
    • ① The "Company" can post banners on a variety of information and advertising needed by customers during use of services and can provide them to members by e-mail, mobile phone short messages (SMS), phone, mail (or transfer). Customers, if do not want it, can opt out in accordance with the method provided by the Company.
    • ② Even in case of quiesce customers in accordance with the preceding paragraph, for the matters including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, or changes of important information could have a significant impact on the profits, the Company may provide such information by using e-mail, etc.
    • ③ The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising as a result of the customer's participation in promotions of advertisers or the transaction.
  • Article 24 Intellectual Property
    • ① "Member" will be responsible for the legal actions and results in the event of disputes with third parties for copyright, moral rights, etc. with regard to the "Content" (all data uploaded on the bulletin board including video file, lesson plans) of "Member" provided in the "Service", and the "Company" denies any liability associated with the "Content" explicitly.
    • ② The "Company" shall not permit infringement of copyright or infringement of intellectual property rights through the "Service", and if received proper notice of the fact that the "content" of "members" infringes the intellectual property rights of others, the "Company" can stop or remove any services of the "Content" in accordance with the procedure set out in the Copyright Act and other related laws. In addition, the "Company", if determines that the "content" of "members" has a problem in the operation of "service", reserves the right to delete, move or refuse registration without prior notice.
    • ③ The copyright for the "Content" of "Members" shall be retained by the original author, but permission for the "content" shall be granted to the "Company" or "those who are designated by the Company" in accordance with these terms and conditions. The purpose and method of use by the "Company" for the "Content" of "Members" are as follows.
      1. "Members" allow other members and users to watch the "Content" provided to the "Service".
      2. "Members" allow "Company" or other members and users to produce a new content by recording/editing/changing
          "Content" provided to "Service", and then allow other members and users or partners to watch it.
      3. "Members" allow the "Company" to store the "Content" provided to "Service" and then allow other members and
          users or partners of "Service" to watch it with re-view services such as VOD.
    • ④ The conditions of "Content" in which "Company", "Other Members and Other Users" and "Company's Affiliate" specified in Clause ③ of this Article can use are as follows.
      1. Content Media / Platform - Includes all types of media, equipment and technology now known or to be developed in
          the future.
      2. Application and purpose of the content - Commercial and non-commercial use.
      3. Applicable range of content - Replicate, modify, adapt, publicly perform, display, broadcast, distribute, rent, publicly
          transmit, create derivative works, or other use in Korea and a foreign country
      4. Conditions of content - Transferable as non-exclusive, ongoing and free of rights. "Members" cannot cancel this,
          and sub-licenses are available.
    • ⑤ The permission of use specified in Clause ③ of this Article can be revoked in the future in accordance with notice and guidance of the "Company".
  • Article 25 Competent court and governing law
    • ① If a dispute occurs in relation to the "Service", the address of "User" at the time of filing shall be applied but, if there are no addresses, jurisdiction over the place of residence shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court.
    • ② If the address or the place of residence at the time of filing is not clear, the competent court for the lawsuit regarding the "Content" Agreement between "Company" and "User" shall be defined in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure.
    • ③ The governing law for Clause 1 and 2 shall be the laws of the Republic of Korea.
  • Article 26 Agreement on use of data transmission technology
    • The "Company" can use is a technique to relay and transfer data between users for the transmission of data. According to the Terms and Conditions, customers agree to allow other people to receive relay and transfer through their devices such as PC, etc. Details on the transmission technology will be posted and advised in the instruction for use, and detailed agreement on additional information will be made through a separate agreement for a file transfer manager.
  • Article 27 The use of Service
    • ① Services shall be used 24 hours a day and seven days a week as a rule. However, for business or technical reasons of the company, services may be temporarily suspended, and can also be suspended for operational objectives for the service period specified in the company. In this case, the company will notify them in advance or after the fact.
    • ② The company may determine the time available for each range divided from the service, and in this case, will notify its content.
  • Article 28 Restriction and Suspension of Service
    • ① In case of a national emergency state including wars, incidents, natural disasters or unavoidable circumstances such as suspension of telecommunication services by he key operators in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act, the Company may limit or stop all or part of the services.
    • ② The Company, when limiting or stopping the use of the services under Clause ①, will strive to notify the user about the reasons and the limitation period without delay.
    • ③ The Company shall not take any responsibility for limit or suspension of the services due to a failure specified in Clause ①.
  • Annex 〈April 1, 2015〉
    • Article 1 (Effective Date) This Agreement (Terms & Conditions) is effective from April 1, 2015.
  • The Person in Charge of Personal Information/Juvenile Protection/Location Information
    • Name : Han, Cheol-seung
      Job Title : Director
      Contact Number : 82-70-7932-2584
      E-mail : kevin.han@globepoint.co.kr
  • The Person in Charge of Personal Information/Juvenile Protection/Location Information
    • Name : Han, Sanghyun
      Job Title : Manager
      Contact Number : +82-70-7932-2586
      E-mail : sh.han@globepoint.co.kr